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Three reasons motivated the taking stock of our heritage and the computerizing of data:

  1. To be continuously mindful of our mission as Adorers of the Precious Blood by saving the documents and objects which bear witness to our activities;

  2. To convey religious and apostolic values by making people aware of the nature of our monastic life and of the Mother Catherine-Aurelia's charisma. Various objects could well become means of evangilization;

  3. To meet the expectations of Mother Church. Thus we become involved in her cultural, social and pastoral mission.

In future updates, you will find under the 'objects' menu:

  1. Objects related to our Congregation and its history;
  2. Objects bearing witness to our monastic life and to our Mission at the heart of God's redemptive plan;
  3. Objects having an artistic, historical, cultural or worship-related value.


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