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The Divine Office

* a continuation of the sacred songs in the Temple
of Jerusalem;

* an echo of the Sinai and shores of the Red Sea.

The Divine Office

* our light ( Jn 8, 12)

* our bread ( Jn 6, 35)

* our life ( Jn 14, 6)

* You could not possibly dry out beside the marvellous waters of Liturgy which at times
murmur like a brook;
rumble as a torrent;
or flood as the sea.

* Come close to me ! Drink of this crystal-clear and pure water gushing up to eternal life (Jn 4, 14);
for it springs up from the wells of salvation
(Is 12, 3).

* Kindle your heart at the core of the Sacred Flame,
for then you may say:

  My heart is ready, O Lord,
my heart is ready;
I wish to sing, I wish to play for You !
Awake, my glory;
Awake, harp and zither,
that I may stir up the dawn !

I wish to praise You among the peoples, Lord, play for You in every country...

A Sacrifice of Praise

* Behold the new wonders I shall bring about are soon to appear, do you not see them ?

...My people will sing my praises unceasingly !

* And now, with the Church, you can offer up to God a Sacrifice of praise, issuing from lips proclaiming His Name.

May your Office become a true Sacrifice.
Offer up, as a host, your will, your intelligence,
your senses, your whole being.
Offer up your weariness, your dryness,
and even your aridity.

* Jesus prays within you.
Join Him: pray with Him and like Him.
Find your voice within His,
and find His voice within you.

* Nothing but the Blood of your Saviour
can bring words to your lips
and revitalize you in praise and Love.

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